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I have always been a crafty person and love making things by hand. I have also always had an entrepreneurial spirit, always thinking of a way to sell the unique items I made. I try to take my craft to the next level by creating unique items that are more complex. In grade and high school I crafted sold things like friendship bracelets, rexlace keychains and even beaded bracelets.

I went on to graduate from North Carolina State University with a degree in Information Design. I dabbled in everything from graphics, website design, to 3d modeling and animation. I had dreams of owning a web design and branding company. 
However I ended up in the US Navy from 2005-2018. I never lost my passion for crafting and moved into modifying cars as a hobby, building an award winning show car. After I left the service, I learned to weld and began to pickup new trades. I have learned hydro dipping, t-shirt making, candle making and now resin craft. 

I love creating original and custom works for anyone interested. I hope these items bring good vibes and positivity to your space.

What's up with all the Symbols?

Nyame Dua

A symbol of God's presence and protection.

Adinkra symbols are visual symbols that originated in West Africa, specifically in the Kingdom of Ashanti in present-day Ghana. They are used in a variety of contexts, including as decorative elements on cloth, pottery, and other objects, and as symbols of specific concepts or ideas.

The symbols are geometric in nature and are typically made up of a series of lines, dots, and other shapes. Each symbol has a specific meaning, and many of them are associated with specific proverbs or phrases.


Although, you may have thought symbol in my logo was an abstract flower, it is actually the Adinkra Symbol Ananse Ntentan, Spider's web. A symbol of wisdom, craftiness, creativity, and the complexities of life. It is the web of Ananse, the crafty spider who is preeminent in African folklore.


Symbol of Energy, Vitality and Strength.

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