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  • What is Epoxy Resin?
    While there are many types, essentially epoxy resins are reactive polymers that when mixed with an activator (co-reactants), they become cross-linked and begin to cure. The end result is an inert plastic that has a plethora of applications. Epoxy is an extremely versatile product. You can leave it clear or color it with dyes, pigment powders, pigment liquid dispersion or mica pigment powders for a colored sparkly finish. Whether you use it to coat a surface of your choosing, create jewelry or cast a mold, your imagination is the only limitation! Source: Superclear Epoxy Resin
  • What are some ways to use your new decor?
    These items are extremely versatile and can be used as coasters, trays, wall plaques, or desk/table décor. Add stick on hooks to use as key hangers and more.
  • How do you care for your items?
    Most items can be dusted or wiped off with a cloth or microfiber. Water can be use but not necessary. For items containing wood, any wood oils or wax can be used to maintain the wood and it will not harm the resin. For nicks or scratches a wood wax can be used to fill and polish back to a smooth finish.
  • How do you hang your wall plaque?
    We recommend picture hanging strips or double sided tape. Remember to clean both surfaces thoroughly and follow the strip or tape instructions.
  • Your item arrived bent.
    This can happen with resin when exposed to prolonged heat. Simply lay the item flat and place an heavy object on top, such as weights or some books. The resin will flatten out and return to a hard state as it comes back to room temperature. Contact me if you have trouble with this, need further instructions, or have other concerns.
  • Your item arrived broken.
    I do not accept returns. However contact me with a photo of the broken item, and I will then issue a refund or make a similar item for exchange. I do my best to package each item securely but accidents happen and I would like to do my best to make it right.
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